MetTech Consultancy Service Co.,Ltd
Revolutionize business processes with intelligent automation — supported by artificial intelligence and robotic process automati...
Oracle EBS
Through Mettech way of ERP implemention, we consolidate other ERP products such as oracle EBS,SAP and build an intergrated informati
Oracle NetSuite
As partner of Oracle NetSuite China, we are supporting our customers by providing an universal enterprise management software set an
RFID Solution
By boudling RFID label and logistics equipments, we can read information at any random point during the material flow. We can achiev...
By syncing information flow, material flow and document folow,TTS(Tracking and trace system)can trace back to anywhere in supply cha...
Smart MSCA
Smart MSCA(Mobile Supply Chain Application) enables you to do shipping,receiving, inspection,moving, pallet management and other log...
iWMS is aimed at managing warehouse activities generated by purchasing, saling,and other inventory activities.iWMS allows data shari...
iSRM(Supplier relationship Management) is aimed at buliding a IT channel between enterprise and suppliers.iSRM helps customer establ
Label Direct
Base on template genrate by powerpoint, we can custmize contents and automatically adjust formate.this solution can create a squence
BQM(business quitation management) helps you break down cost as your production goes on.It gives you easy access of quoting manageme
DTS (delivery and tracking system) is based on Oracle EBS, it intergrated CRM and ERP to monitor the progress of a contract and the