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Ningbo PIA Automation iSRM

Ningbo PIA Automation

Company profile: Ningbo PIA Automation Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of intelligent manufacturing equipment. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales and services of complete sets of customized assembly and testing intelligent manufacturing equipment and digital software, and provides overall intelligent manufacturing solutions for world-famous manufacturers in the fields of automobile industry, industrial electromechanical, consumer goods, medical health and so on. Driven by industrial big data, PIA Automation enables customers to achieve the value goal of "personalized customization, networked cooperation, intelligent manufacturing and service extension". Based on China, PIA Automation has a total of 8 production, R&D bases and 3 after-sales service centers in Germany, Austria, the United States, Canada and Croatia to support its global business layout in Europe, America, and Asia.

Case introduction: iSRM is a customized product developed by Mettech for PIA Automation based on iCAS products. It uniformly manages suppliers, finance and logistics. The system arranges plans and orders through data exchange to complete procurement needs.

Case features:

1. Collect suppliers' quotations. Before the quotation deadline, suppliers cannot obtain the quotation information of other suppliers to prevent cross pricing between suppliers;

2. PR can be converted into PO in iSRM without changing to ERP or SAP system;

3. Remote data interaction with SAP server in Germany.