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Zhuzhou Gear iWMS

Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd

Company profile: after more than 50 years of development, Zhuzhou Gear Co., Ltd. has become a key backbone enterprise in China's gear industry. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of automotive drive axle gears, transfer gears, transmissions and precision forged gears. In 2008, it was selected as "China's top 500 machinery suppliers", rated as "China's top 100 auto parts suppliers" and "China's machinery industry management innovation demonstration enterprise" for three consecutive years, and became the designated drafting unit of industry standards of China gear Association.

Case introduction: iWMS is a product tailored by Mettech for Zhuzhou gear based on iCAS products. It is an inventory management system suitable for the business needs of Zhuzhou gear, including receiving management, material management, warehousing management, outbound management, inventory management and other functions. It unifies the Stereoscopic Warehouse and flat warehouse into one management logic using method like container management.

Case features:

1. iWMS Intelligent Logistics Management Platform realizes the intelligent management of three-dimensional warehouse, flat warehouse and finished product extension warehouse;

2. It can realize the unitization and standardization of goods packaging, protect goods and facilitate logistics and business flow;

3. Containerization of goods transportation, improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation cost;

4. Three-dimensional storage of goods and automation goods circulation process;

5. Mechanization and automation of goods loading and unloading to improve loading and unloading efficiency and speed;

6. Informatization of goods data processing to improve the management level of modern logistics.