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The ERP project of Qinchuan Group has successfully launched

The ERP project of Qinchuan Group implemented by Mettech has been successfully put into trial operation recently

Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China's precision machine tool manufacturing industry. Since May 2021, in view of the disconnection between opreation and finance, Metteh and Qingchuan Group have started to implement ERP project.through the project, Qingchuan standardized basic data management, improved BOM management level, and built a plan management mode with commodity production as the core. The purchase order, purchase receipt, stock in, production picking, production stock in, sales stock out and other businesses are directly reflected in the financial A / P, a / R, cost and other modules, which realizes the systematic management of general ledger, cash and monthly statement, realizes the financial integration of Qinchuan machine tool industry, and establishes a unified financial system and accounting system.